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Most Expensive Books – Birds of America Sells For $7,922,500

On January 20, 2012, John James Audubon’s The Birds of America: from Original Drawings sold for $7,922,500 at Christie’s of New York.  This didn’t end up being the most expensive book because in 2010, another first edition of Audubon’s Birds of America sold for $11.5 million at Sotheby’s in London, setting the record for the most expensive book ever to be sold at an auction.

Audubon created his own technique for drawing birds in the 1820s.  He captured the birds in their natural movements and drew them life-sized, which dictated the books’ towering height: an imposing 3½ feet.  Can’t get that on your Kindle.

In a down economy, I wouldn’t think the purchase of expensive works of art would be in high demand.  Forbes has tracked extraordinarily expensive works of art, and identified them in an article entitled The Ten Most Expensive Books.

So, it’s January 31, soon to be February 1.  What did you read during the first month of the new year, and what’s on board for February?

Invest in yourself. Read more books during 2012.