Reunion_Book_CoverLife has been unfair to Lauren, grandaughter of a slave. She was raped by her father, master of a Plantation; fell in love with a white man during the 1920s; and lost him to her white half sister.  Book one also sets the stage showing Elizabeth and Lauren’s battle for Charles’ heart. While Lauren endured many obstacles and lost the battle, destiny will have its work cut out to see how both Charles and Lauren can be reunited to fullfill their dreams and win the war of love. However, life is not done with Lauren. Her on-going resilience will once more be tested, demonstrating her courage and commitment to Charles. Book two also will show you the impact that this love triangle has on many of the different characters from Book one  and future generations.

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The Adventures of Bob: To Doodledip For Soup

The Adventures of Bob: To Doodledip For Soup

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-10-38-03-pmWhat do you get when a man is invited to a strange purple and green planet by a tiny speed-freak robot, a construction-cone-wearing king, a really bad bowl of soup, and a fat purple servant cat that doesn’t listen to anyone? The Adventures of Bob: To Doodledip for Soup! by Ryan Shea.  Find out what happens to Bob when he travels to Planet Doodledip for dinner with the King and discovers he is afraid to try the soup.

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Become Contagious


Become Contagious

Become Contagious: Unleash the Power of Positive Energy!, written by Shawn Burr, is a powerful collection of ideas that allows you to use your mind to harness the power of positive energy. Once you learn the principles, and following a few simple rules, you will learn how to unleash an extraordinary lifestyle by eliminating negativity, developing an inner happiness, and embracing the world at a different level.  Available exclusively at Amazon.

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Make Money With YouTube

Make Money With YouTubeMake Money With YouTube

Need a realistic way to make money online? Looking to turn a ‘YouTube Passion’ into ‘YouTube Profits’? Want a step-by-step blueprint that’s based on a real case study?  Thousands of people use as their #1 source of income. Isn’t it time you joined them? In this guide you’ll learn how to make money with YouTube. What you’ll get is a case study of how a single video generated $1,187.66 in extra income. Unlike other ‘how-to’ guides, you’ll receive a fully detailed strategy – With nothing left out!  Get the book “Make Money with YouTube – How I Made an Extra $1,187.66 from a 4-Minute YouTube Video.”  For more information from Steve Scott visit

Go For It

go_for_itGo For It

GO FOR IT, written by Matthew C Martino, will guide you through some tough decisions you have to make as an entrepreneur and take you on a journey through the highs and lows of a being your own boss. “So, keep walking. Enjoy. Experience the joy of doing something meaningful. Oh, and by the way, it’s now time to GO FOR IT and do what you love the most!”

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My Life Interpreted

My Life Interpreted

cover (1)If you’ve ever pondered how you’ve ended up where you are in life, why things happen the way they do and what your life’s purpose is, then you’ll love My Life Interpreted. It is an uplifting book of ninety-nine inspiring reflections that seeks to demystify the questions of everyday life. Through real-life examples, Wanda Octave demonstrates how you can use your own life to decipher spiritual principles begging for attention. The answers to life’s burning questions are often right in front of you, and this book reveals insights that lead to a life of meaning, joyful relationships, and abundant living.

A treasured find.  My Life Interpreted is a surprisingly simple, humorous, engaging book that draws you in from the first chapter. Be warned, it is a page turner. You get sucked into the author’s life experiences because they so remind you of your own. The keys to fulfillment can really be found within our everyday experiences. It just takes a slight shift in perspective. This is a truly thought proving read.  And It makes a perfect holiday gift for friends and loved ones.

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Learn to Tie a Tie With the Rabbit & the Fox


Learn to Tie a Tie With the Rabbit & the Fox

“Today, there are books, websites, and even videos devoted to teaching the art of masterfully knotting a necktie. Some contain instructions so easy; learning truly becomes child’s play. Until now, none were specifically intended for children.

This cute, beautifully illustrated picture book, written by Sybrina Durant, comes with instructional song, and is meant to help parents make a fun game of teaching their children to tie a simple knot in a necktie.

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How to Publish a Book in Canada and Sell Enough Copies to Make a Profit

How to Publish a Book in Canada and Sell Enough Copies to Make a Profit

41xLQC5HILHow to Publish a Book in Canada and Sell Enough Copies to Make a Profit is written by Canadian writer, publisher, and founder of Polished Publishing Group, Kim Staflund.  She works with businesses and individuals to publish and market their books. After much experience in “traditional” publishing, and becoming rather fed-up with their inability to operate like a business rather than a nonprofit, the author found an effective solution for Canadian writers: entrepreneurship. Creating a saleable product with wide distribution is the goal; she notes that writers have a lot of options when it comes to publishing services, distribution, and promotion. Rather than writing a book and hoping that profits roll in, authors need to become proactive. If you “treat publishing, sales, and marketing as your own business,” you can be a successful author, and create an income.

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Weight Management & Your Health

Weight Management & Your Health

Weight Management & Your HealthWeight Management & Your Health, written by Hannah and Tara Raybans, strives to take a different approach when it comes to eating and weight issues.  Whether you’re an emotional eater or dealing with an eating disorder, it’s important to know why before you can confront it, deal with it, and succeed in reaching your optimal long-term weight . That’s why it’s vital to understand how our eating environment and our psychological approach to eating and dieting makes a big difference in our success or failure.  Weight Management & Your Health will provide the guidance you need.

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Ask And It Is Given


What Desires Are You Trying To Manifest?

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, is an amazing book.  Do you ever wonder why you don’t get the things you desire?  Do you understand that what you think about, you bring about?  Well, this book will help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you’re living the life of abundance and prosperity you deserve.   You will begin to understand how your health concerns, relationships, finances and more are influenced by the Universal laws (Laws of Attraction) that govern your life.  Ask and It Is Given provides processes that will help you connect with the positive flow of life.

Some of the chapters from Ask and It Is Given include:

Chapter 1 – “The Power of Feeling Good Now”
Chapter 3 – “You Do Create Your Own Reality”
Chapter 6 – “The Law of Attraction, the Most Powerful Law in the Universe”
Chapter 10 – “The Three Steps to Whatever You Want to Be, Do, or Have”

You’re entitled to a life filled with everything that is good.  This book will show you how to achieve the things you want in your life.

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