My Secret Santa and the 2011 Office Holiday Party

Jefferson Memorial

Yesterday my office had a great holiday party on the Spirit Cruise Ship in Washington, DC.  We had a ball.  There were great singers providing entertainment.  Good food, and the DJ played all our requests, from the Cupid Shuffle to the Wobble.  Best of all, we exchanged Secret Santa gifts.  Santa gave me gifts for my dogs.  He selected the cutest cover-ups, some great toys, and a beautiful doggie blanket.  My dogs will be very happy when they see all the goodies in the bag from Santa.


Lambchop gets chilly at night, so I’m sure he will really love the blanket from Santa.   Don’t forget to purchase some special gifts for those little ones that share kisses on a regular basis, like belly rubs, lay across the computer when you have a deadline, and greet you with unconditional love, no matter how long you’ve been away.

Happy Holidays!!!!



8 Responses to My Secret Santa and the 2011 Office Holiday Party

  1. I’d say we participate in the Santa myth, but we don’t poormte it. So the kids get gifts from Santa, but we don’t go visit Santa at the mall, and we almost never mention him in our house. There’s plenty of Santa propaganda out there.I also parse my words pretty carefully when I talk about him. The subtlety is likely lost on them, but I feel like I retain some integrity. I say things like Well, the story goes that I shared the story of Saint Nicholas last Sunday with the children and it was a little bit of a minefield, but I think I managed it.Some years ago I read a beautiful blog (which I now can’t find) that was a mother’s letter to her son after he figured out Santa. Basically she didn’t focus on what was lost, but what was gained now you know that magic can come from other people, and that you can make magic for others. I don’t resonate with magic language but you get the drift.So I’m excited beyond belief that Santa is giving the girls American Girl dolls, because it’s a perfect example of this. Sometime after Christmas I will tell Caroline that they came from a friend of mine and her college-age daughter two people that they don’t even know but who wanted to provide a little magic for Caroline and her sister. When Margaret crosses that threshold I will tell her the same.You’ll do great!

  2. It’s been 8 years of not having Christmas with them . Sad, huh? -8 years? tagal nun! haha yeah it must be sad my finerd and I can just imagine how much you missed your family back home. Even with the presence of technology, the warmth of being with your family is something that cannot be bought by money The price of greener pastures! well, this is what we call, we have to sacrifice a thing or two in exchange for something . What is important my finerd is you have your wife and your son with you, at least their presence means a lot everytime you miss home.. No worries, you’ll be back here someday, so just enjoy every moment there and chase every opportunity that comes along your way God bless you and your family!

  3. I understand what you are snayig Heather, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Trust me, there are plenty of times I want to be rid of dealing with these relatives, but because of their unbelief in Christ we feel like in most cases we should just keep turning the other cheek’. And, there are always other unbelieving relatives watching how we react to these situations that have said they notice a difference in us and in our response. Glory be to God! Also, since we have moved 4hrs away just a couple months ago, it has really cut down the interactions we have we them. As far as our children facing rejection, that is so tough to see, but at the same time, they will have to learn how to deal with hurt feelings, and such as they grow up, since we live in a fallen world, full of sinful humans. We don’t want to subject them to this, but do want to guide them to the right reactions when it happens. (This year we do have a couple different ideas as far as presenting gifts that the children have made to relatives that are likely to be unthankful and unkind.)Thank you again for responding, and thank you most of all for your prayers!

  4. Really enjoyed your Halloween atricle though I must admit I got lost in the part about the version of Macbeth (guess you have to see it, but I don’t want to!). I forwarded it on to my friend who is going all-but sugar free (home-processed dates and pure stevia leaf powder) for her kids’ teeth. It gave me a great idea for Thanksgiving We’ll read the story of the family that got electricity in Monson’s Divine Gift of Gratitude to our children, then eat our dinner by lamp-light. They’ll enjoy it and the spirit will be stronger than my extended family’s football-laden Thanksgivings. I’m so excited we’re celebrating at our house this year! I’ll have to read your other atricle

  5. about Santa. The ending of the quote tsleif, when not taken out of context, says this: Perhaps you and I could attain greater happiness if we emulated Santa Claus a little more, for his way is the way of the Infant Jesus also. Here’s what Faust said himself: For many children Christmas Eve is a very long night as they look forward with eager anticipation to the gifts Santa brings, which is why children love Santa Claus. Let me share what someone oncesaid We can all reach out like Santa Claus and spread happiness to those around us. That last sentence would appear to express his intent in sharing the quote.

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