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50 Positive Quotes . . . For A Little Inspiration!

Need a little boost in your day, some positive inspiration?  Mal Huddleson has written “50 Positive Quotes” to give you that added lift, or just to provide reading pleasure.  As an added treat, he’s offering his ebook for free.  The ebook can be downloaded by clicking the link below.   Share the ebook with your friends and loved ones, or send them a quote now and then to make them smile.

Sharing a little positive energy is fun.  It makes Mal feel good.  Life can get to0 serious, but we don’t need to let it be like that all the time.  So, click the link below to get your download.   Have a great day!


Mal Huddleston


Mentor Me: GA=T+E—A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement

mentormecoverjpegHappiness. Success. Motivation. Influence. Inspiration. 

We all want to have success and happiness in every area of our lives, as well as be a positive influence and inspiration to other people. But too often, we get lost in our resolutions to do just that, having no idea where to start or how to get there. Successful life coach Ken Poirot provides answers in this groundbreaking book, Mentor Me: GA=T+E-A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement! 

In Mentor Me, you will discover: 
How to formulate a plan to achieve your dreams,
Your personality style and how it relates to the personality styles of other people, 
How to most effectively learn new information, motivate yourself, and others, and much more.

Check out the links below for additional information on Mentor Me:

Goodreads Page (highly rated and reviewed – still in Pre-Launch):

There are links on the Goodreads page for purchase – available at my Mr. Poirot’s publisher web page, and all online/brick and mortar retailers per request – still in Pre-launch (will launch in about 3 or 4 weeks).

Amazon Page (recently listed):–Greatest-Achievement/dp/1457527723/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401300134&sr=1-1&keywords=mentor+me

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Things Fall Apart

book_cover_TFAAfter a childhood that can be described as nothing less than completely blessed, Hilary Neiman pursued a well-rounded and advanced education with one dream in mind: to one day build a successful adoption and surrogacy law practice. And she did. But one morning, Hilary arrived at work and was met by three sets of polished shoes belonging to FBI agents. The men informed her that she was to be the subject of a federal investigation. Hilary had a loving family, wonderful friends, a life filled with service to others and years of total dedication to, and even obsession with, building her practice. This, of course, did not matter to the agents, who had a job to do.

Now, after pleading guilty to wire fraud and serving time in prison, Hilary has come to understand what she could have done differently — before, during and after the breathtaking roller coaster of events that started the day an FBI agent told her, “It’s your come to Jesus day.”

Hilary’s story not only tells of a fall from grace and a hope for redemption. It also serves as a cautionary tale for everyone who believes that as long as you work hard, believe in service, complete a formal education and stay focused and dedicated, you are immune from mistakes with life altering consequences. This book is a must read.

Things Fall Apart can be purchased at

Become Contagious


Become Contagious

Become Contagious: Unleash the Power of Positive Energy!, written by Shawn Burr, is a powerful collection of ideas that allows you to use your mind to harness the power of positive energy. Once you learn the principles, and following a few simple rules, you will learn how to unleash an extraordinary lifestyle by eliminating negativity, developing an inner happiness, and embracing the world at a different level.  Available exclusively at Amazon.

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