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Free Kindle Books

Kindle has a new program called KDP Select, where you can offer free kindle books for a 5-day period during the 90 days that your books are exclusively available on Kindle e-readers.  I am offering my two latest books for free from today, 8/24 through Tuesday, 8/28.  The titles are:  (1) Business Quotations Every Entrepreneur Should Know: 52 Weeks of Motivation and Inspiration, and (2) Create Your WordPress Website in 27 Minutes Believe Me, It’s Really Possible!.

Through KDP Select you can reach a new audience - by distributing your  books through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and by reaching US Amazon Prime members.  You can also earn your share of at least $6 million throughout 2012 when readers borrow your books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Wondering how you make money if you are offering free Kindle books.  Here’s how your earnings are calculated.  The KDP Select Fund for August 2012 is $600,000.  If the total qualified borrows of all participating KDP titles is 120,000, and your book is borrowed 1,000 times, you will earn 0.83% (1,000/120,000=.83%) or $4,980 for the month of August 2012.  Not too shabby for an additional income stream.  So, get your free copies of my latest books during the free period.

The Slight Edge

Why is it some people’s dreams always come true, while others spend their lives building dreams for someone else?

I believe those that successfully deploy their dreams have found their SLIGHT EDGE!  For example, if you were given the choice between having $1 million today or 1 penny that would double in value daily for the next 31 days, which would you choose?

The Slight Edge is not just another self-help, motivation tool of methods you must learn in order to make it up the path of success.  It simply shows you how to create powerful results from the simple daily activities of your life, by using tools that are already within you.

What do you need to make that happen?  Discover that one thing that will help you achieve that goal, realize a life-long dream or propel you up the ladder to success.  Once you’ve got it, then you will discover how your philosophy… creates your attitude… creates your actions… creates your results… creates YOUR LIFE!

The Slight Edge is a way of thinking, a way of processing information that enables you to make the daily choices that will lead you to the success you desire.  The Slight Edge is the key that will make all the other how-to books and self-help information that you read, watch and hear actually work.

Get your copy of The Slight Edge (Revised Edition): Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success today!


Get Rich Click

The Internet is one of the most powerful business tools in the history of mankind. You can use it to make money, save money, and create new revenue streams quickly and easily, often with no start-up capital. The Internet is changing the way business is conducted and fortunes are made!

In January 2012 I flew to Las Vegas to attend the Affiliate Summit.  During my flight I read Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet.  I couldn’t put the book down.  I read it in it’s entirely by the time I landed in Las Vegas.  This book is the Bible for making money online.

Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet
shows you how to jump in and begin making money online immediately. Author Marc Ostrofsky is an entrepreneur and Internet pioneer whose companies make $75 million annually.

Marc outlines the strategies that made him a multimillionaire, despite having no technical skills, and never creating a single website.  His key to success: “Know your strengths, outsource your weaknesses, and know what you don’t know.”

Using real-life examples from people of all ages and walks of life who have made their fortunes online, this engaging guide gives you step-by-step instructions for achieving financial success.

You’ll learn hundreds of unique ways to make money online with Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, domain names, Pay Per Click, digitally based products, ways to make money with no money—even how to get a check each month from Google! He teaches: The key to financial success in our Internet-based economy is “Learn More, Earn More™.”

If you think you’ve missed the window of opportunity in the digital world, Marc Ostrofsky says otherwise.  Everyone has the capacity to learn and profit in the new economy—no matter what their skills, knowledge, or experience.  Now is the time to change your ideas about making money, accumulating wealth, and taking control of your financial future.  Let Marc Ostrofsky show you the way in Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet.

Get Your Copy Today!!

My Best Friend

I had lunch with my best friend today.  She took me to a great restaurant called The Fountain on Locust.  I had the most delicious Grand Chocolate Martini (made with homemade ice cream)  and a  Royale Grille (grilled cheese with turkey).

So, who’s my best friend?  Her name is Deborah Miller.  I call her Debbie.  We grew up together on Red Bud Avenue in St. Louis, MO and attended Northwest High School.  It’s been a while since Debbie and I have seen each other, but today was a real treat.  We caught up on everything.  We reminisced about Glenn (Debbie’s husband) taking us to school in his orange Volkswagen Beetle.  I loved that car!!!  We also reminisced about Debbie’s trip to DC to visit me while I was attending Howard University.  We talked about her two beautiful sons, Cory and Chris, and her grandson, Aiden.  Seems Cory and I have similar tastes for Rolex watches and luxury cars.  Debbie and I had a great time today.

So, start the new year right.  Reunite with your childhood best friend, visit The Fountain on Locust for excellent cuisine and fabulous ice cream martinis, click on Rolex watches and purchase a luxury watch for you or someone you love from Time and Gems, and start your own business, for an additional stream of income and tax advantage.

It’s Great To Be Home

I arrived in St. Louis at 9:10pm on Friday, Dec. 23, 2011.  When I walked around the corner to go to baggage claim I could see Kelvin and my Mom waiting for me.  Kelvin saw me first and started smiling.  When he raised his index finger acknowledging me, then my Mom saw me.  Wow, their smiles radiated so much love that it was amazing.  I finally reached them and their hugs were great.

Kelvin and I talked about business all the way home from the airport.  I was telling him about a great book I started reading on my flight.  The book is Get Rich Click! by Marc Ostrofsky and is available at in hardcover and for the Kindle.  He dropped Mom and me at home then he went to do his weekly hip hop broadcast on KDHX – 88.1 FM (Deep Krate Radio).  My Mom and I talked while I ate my favorite, Shrimp Fried Rice.  We finally came upstairs and I settled into my old room, the room I called mine from age 10 – 18.

After Kelvin finished at KDHX we stayed up til the we hours of the morning discussing affiliate marketing, paypal,, and a bunch of other business ideas.  I was amazed that is bringing in $5 million a year.  A success story you’ll find in Get Rich Click!  

So, 2012 look out.  I’m on fire, Kelvin’s on fire, and we are going to make crazy revenue on the internet, and teach others how to create wealth.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Online Holiday Shopping 2011

Are you familiar with these terms – Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving), Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving), Super Saturday (the Saturday in the last full weekend before Christmas)?  I’m just asking.  As a business owner, these terms are very important to me.  Especially Cyber Monday and Super Saturday.  Actually, everyday is important to me as a business owner because I’m always marketing.

According to comScore, U.S. consumers spent $6.3 billion during the week ending Dec. 18, and to date, consumers have spent approximately $32 billion online for holiday gifts.  Let me say it again, consumers have spent $32 billion online for holiday gifts.  I had a discussion with my students about affiliate marketing, and described it as an additional stream of income.  They were amazed when I started throwing out earning potential values.  For example, if you were doing online marketing during this holiday season and could have captured 1% of consumer spending, you would have made $320 million;  captured .01% of consumer spending – $3.2 million.  Some businesses spend the entire year gearing up for this holiday season.  Got any ideas for next year?  Wake up!!

It’s not too late to cash in on the online spending, since it’s predicted that consumers will spend $6 billion more through the end of December.